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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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Study and Rightly Divide the Word

Make haste to present yourself accepted to Yahuwah, a worker that has no cause to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. - 2 Timotheos (Timothy) 2:15

In the above verse, which is translated in most English versions as "Study to show yourself approved . . .," the word translated as "study" really means to "make haste" or "be diligent." Regardless of how it is phrased it literally means that every one has the duty to himself and Yahuwah to search the scriptures for themsleves to determine the truth of what they hear from and have been taught by man. If we do not do this we cannot know and understand the word of Yahuwah and therefore cannot know or understand His will for us. It therefore behooves us to not take anyone else's word for what His will is but find out for ourselves through diligent study of His word.

The phrase "rightly dividing" literally means to make a straight cut. There are many divisions in scripture and we must determine what and where they are so that we can understand what we are supposed to be doing TODAY. Many people are following laws that were valid under older and no longer valid covenants than the one in force today and therefore are NOT in obedience to the will of Yahuwah.

Some natural divisions in the word of Yahuwah
The below outlines some divisions, some obvious, some not, in the word Yahuwah. What happens at these divisions is that some new part of Yahuwah's plan comes into effect, or the way He enforces His commandments is changed, or the way His people are organized is modified, etc. I'm sure that as you continue to study His written word, you will find more divisions that I may not have mentioned. Without understanding the reason for and the meaning of these divisions it is doubtful that you will ever grasp the full import of Yahuwah's word, and therefore will not grow in grace the way He has commanded. This makes it very important to continue in obedience to His word. 2 Timotheos 2:15 gives the command.

Languages of the Scripture

Before Noach (Noah/Noe)

After Noach


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