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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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Fourteen Chapters that will Shake the World

Out of the sixty-six books that comprise the accepted Evangelical scripture, one book of prophecy really stands out. This one book tells what has happened, is happening, and what will transpire at the end. Many people on seeing that statement will immediately think of the book of Revelation, as that book does go into some detail about the times of the end. Then they will usually also think that Revelation is a highly symbolic book that we should not take literally. That is a very big mistake concerning any book of scripture. Yes, there are many symbolic passages that should not be taken literally, but looking even at those recognized symbolic passages the underlying prophecy can be seen. Seldom is anything found in scripture restricted to a single meaning or a single time. Usually there are more than one events prophesied, even though the apparent intent of the passage is singular in nature. That is not the way Yahuwah works though.

So if you want to know about what is awaiting us, definitely read the book of Revelation and take it literally.

If you want to see a book that predates Revelation by about six centuries and told us many of the things that would later be confirmed in Revelation, look at the book of ZekarYahuw (Zechariah). This is an exciting book as a stand-alone, but when other and later prophecy is taken into account with it, it is a book that will literally shake the world.

Yahuwah revealed to the prophet ZekarYahuw (Zechariah), the son of BerekYahuw, the son of Iddow, future events and coming persons that most "bible scholars" have never recognized. For instance, the true name of our Savior was revealed, yet the greatest majority of people today have never heard the name. This name is identified in Acts 4:1-12 as the name we MUST know and call on for salvation.

Proof of this name and how it is properly derived from the Ibriy (Hebrew) text can be found in the article "Yahushua vs Joshua vs Jesus."

Below is the entire book of ZekarYahuw with interspersed commentary. Please take note that this is from The Sacred Scriptures, Restored Names Version. If you would like a personal copy of this version for use on your own computer, download it by clicking on "Resources" in the above menu bar and locating the format you want on the page. It is free and I am willing to discuss anything you find in this version of the scripture or on the web page.

As in many other passages of scripture, here Yahuwah has again offered Yisra'el and Yahudah comfort. He makes the statement that the nation WILL once again be established regardless of the seemingly overwhelming odds against it and He will provide for them. He also reminds them that He will provide the revenge on their enemies that they so desperately seek.

This is HOW He is going to rebuild and comfort His people.

Here is the promise to Yahushua, the high temple official and the son of Yahuwtsadaq, that He will be the One in charge of the people of Yahuwah in the last days. Note that this is but ONE of the many times His name is used well before his incarnation as our Savior.

This is the person by whom Yahuwah is going to accomplish all of the above. Take careful note that had personal names been properly rendered in the English versions of the Ibriy scripture, everywhere you now see the name "Joshua" you would instead see the correct name YAHUSHUA. That is also the name from which the false name JESUS is derived. As stated before, the details of this name and its derivation are in the article, "JESUS or YAHUSHUA."

If you have acquired the RNV and read from the book of MattithYahuw (Matthew) 1:21, then you will see that the name given by Gabriy'el for the son of Miryam (Mary) is in fact YAHUSHUA and it is given for the reason stated by Gabriy'el, namely that "He will save His people from their sins." That is exactly what the name YAHUSHUA means, "Salvation of Yahuwah." So here, six centuries before our Savior was born, we are told His name. Nobody believed it then and very few believe it today, instead relying on the English perversion "JESUS" (properly pronounced "hay-soos") of the Latin perversion "IESUS" of the Greek perversion "IESOUS."

Zerubbabel is also shown here to be one of the two witnesses who will be prophesying in the last days as stated in Revelation 11:3-11. (The other witness is Yahuchanan, the writer of Revelation, as seen in that book, chapter ten, verse eleven.)

According to the word ZekarYahuw received from Yahuwah wickedness is to be based in the land of Shin'ar! Who would ever had thought that modern day Iraq would be such an evil place and even the center of wickedness? Well, I believe that we all know that now, even though it has taken millennia for it to become really evident.

This is what Yahushua our Savior, once again described and defined, will do. He started the process during His earthly ministry and will soon complete it in person.

Yahuwah reiterating why He has brought destruction to His people. They were warned time and time again and did not pay attention. Just like today. All of the wrath that Yahuwah has described for this evil and wicked world is on the way. Most people either don't believe it or they think they are safe without obedience. It is going to be a terrible awakening.

This is how the millennial reign of Yahushua is gong to be. It is going to be as wonderful as the coming wrath will be terrible. But only for those who are in the body of haMashiach.

This tells a little of what will happen to the muslim countries in the end times. It also is the prophecy of Yahushua riding the colt into Yeruwshalom. The people of Yisra'el will conquer all the nations that surround them and there will finally be peace in the Middle East. That peace will begin AFTER the return of Yahushua to the Mount of Olives.

More of the events that will occur leading up to and after the return of Yahushua.

The muslim nations that surround Yisra'el will discover in that day just Who it is that they have been messing with. They will not like the results. Another prophecy is here that was fulfilled by Yahushua. There are also some more of the events that will occur leading up to and after the return of Yahushua.

More of the coming events, plus, "They will look on ME whom they have pierced." Did you get that? This is the word of the Father being reported by ZekarYahuw, and He says HE is the One that they pierced! Does this give you an idea that the Father and the Son are One and the Same. There is much more evidence of that scattered throughout scripture. Believe it!

Showers of blessing will be opened to all those in the Assembly of Yahuwah, His children by grace and obedience to His word. More prophecy of Yahushua being "pierced" and where the actual piercing took place.

This is the shaking of the world! He, Yahuwah/Yahushua, will stand on the Mount of Olives IN PERSON! What a day that will be! Take note of the condition of the people and animals during that battle at Yeruwshalom (not Armageddon). That sounds distinctly like a nuclear weapon has been detonated, does it not?

So there you have it. Believe it because it IS going to happen, and it is going to happen exactly like Yahuwah has told us it would. Remember that the surest sign that Yahuwah is THE Eloah is that He has told us the end from the beginning.

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C.F. Castleberry