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GNOSIS - Science vs Knowledge

NOTE: You will need to download BWGRKLL.ttf font from, Downloads, to see the words in the Greek language. It is free.

This is an answer to those who complain about the word science being replaced with the word knowledge in other versions and translations.

Yahuwah, the Father of our Savior Yahushua, is knowledge personified. He knows everything there is to know because He created everything there is. The search for understanding of knowledge of that creation is rightly called "science," but the knowledge itself is "gnosis."

The word gnosis (Strong's G1108) and derivatives appear twenty-nine times in the Greek text of the Textus Receptus. In the King James Version it is rendered as KNOWLEDGE twenty-eight times and this ONE time, 1 Timothy 6:20, it is rendered as SCIENCE.

Secular definitions

Generally related Greek words and definitions

Words in the Greek text with definitions and locations

gnwsewj- rendered as knowledge

gnwsewj - same as above, but rendered as science

gnwsei - rendered as knowledge

gnwsin - rendered as knowledge

gnwsij - rendered as knowledge

C.F. Castleberry