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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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Islam and the Spirit of Antichrist

The True Sacred Scripture

The Qur'an
Proof that muhammad knew Who Yahushua the Son of Yahuwah really is:

Muhammad denies Yahushua's passion:

Something that should catch everyone's immediate attention is the use of the word "messiah" in the above passages. That word only appears in certain English versions, starting with the Geneva Bible, and if this "book" is really the inspired word of our Creator their arab word would not be translated as a made-up English word in his "recitation."

Muhammad denies Yahushua's Sonship:

Muhammad places himself above Yahushua:

Something to think about:
Islamic adherents are fiercely vocal about Islam being a monotheistic (one god) religion. If that is really the case, then why are there so many verses in the qur'an that supposedly are the words of allah speaking where the pronouns "we" and "us" are used by the speaker? Some are evident in this little piece and if you actually read the qur'an you will see many more.

Muslims are also fiercely vocal about how islam is a tolerant and peaceful religion. If that be true, why has islam always been spread by mass murder and terrorism? Why did muhammad use the sword as his instrument of conversion? And why is there so much muslim blood being shed by other muslims in the world today? Why do their mullahs preach that islam will triumph over the non-believers (infidels) through jihad (holy war) and finally gain control of the entire world?

There are many proofs from the time of Muhammad to present that reveal his evil character. Many of these books of proofs and insights are unwittingly provided by Muslims who are attempting to defend this faith. They show him as a adulterer, pedophile, treaty breaker, and cold blooded murderer. It is highly recommended that the reader make use of that information, much of it available from local libraries, if they have the desire to know the true character of Muhammad and his false religion.

Muhammad made the claim that he was the ?prophet? spoken of by Mosheh (Moses ? Musa) in the true scripture. That scripture reads as follows:

If his claim is true, then he MUST exhibit the characteristics of Mosheh when he appears. Those characteristics are in the following scriptural passage:

I have NEVER seen any word written anywhere by anyone that told of Muhammad exhibiting signs and wonders and demonstrating any mighty power that caused great terror among anyone by that power. The only ?great terror? he caused was among peaceful people whom he ruthlessly attacked and murdered mercilessly.

Muhammad is foremost of the liars spoken of by Yahuchanan. He is a deceiver and an antichrist just as is his father satan. All precepts of the religion that he founded (islam) are the opposite of what our Redeemer preached and practiced.

C.F. Castleberry