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A Scriptural Challenge to all Christians

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Evidence of Reincarnation in Scripture

NOTE: Verses are from The Sacred Scripture of Yahuwah, Restored Names Version.

The passages listed below are not all that are to be found on this subject, and as more are identified, they will be added to this article.

The following scriptures show that the idea of reincarnation was prevalent in Yisra'el (Israel) over 2000 thousand years ago. People talked about the dead coming back to this earth in another body as an everyday, understood by all, and commonly talked about subject. The Tsadowq (Sadducees) denied it, but the Parash (Pharisees) believed it, taught it, and lived their lives in the consideration of its truth.

Zerubbabel as someone unnamed who is to come.

Yahuchanan (John) the Baptist as Eli’Yahuw (Elijah - Elias)

The English word risen, above, is translated from the Greek word egeiro, below. This is the same Greek word that is used to describe the resurrection of Yahushua. Yahushua also used another word to describe what He was going to do. That word is anistemi. Its definition is shown below. Compare these words to the English word born, which is from the Greek words gennao and tikto also shown below. There are a few more words rendered born in the Greek scripture, but they are derivations of and related to these two.

Prophets and other major figures

Common man coming and going

A question for you: How could this man have committed a sin before he was born that would cause him to be born blind, unless he had lived before? Notice that Yahushua treated this as a valid question. (His parents could have been the cause, because of the second commandment.)

Yahushua coming and going

Yahushua As David - (Dawiyd, daw-eed' = loving)

Yahushua as Elyaqiym (Eliakim, el-yaw-keem' — mighty one of raising, or the Mighty One is setting up)

Yahushua as Yahushua (Joshua), the son of the high kohen Yahuwtsadaq (Josedech) - (Yahuwshuwa'; Yahuwshu'a; Yahushua, yah-hoo-shoo'-ah — salvation of Yahuwah = Joshua)

Yahushua as Melchizedek

Yahushua and His name in Greek vs Ibriy

The person being talked about in the above verse is the one whose name was translated as Joshua, the son of Nun. (Read about it in the book of Shemot [Exodus].) The Greek rendering of the Ibriy names Yahushua and Joshua is Iesous, just as Yahushua and Joshua in the Ibriy is yod-heh-shin-sureq-ayin, or in English, Yahushua

General statements indicating or confirming reincarnation

Last but not least, the apostle Sha'uwl (Paul) said under the inspiration of Yahuwah:

Amein to that and praise Yahuwah!

C.F. Castleberry