The Reason for this Website

Praise Yahuwah!

Proclaiming the name of Yahuwah!

That is the primary purpose of the Consider This web site. We intend to proclaim the name of Yahuwah and spread the "good news" of His word in every way we can. One of the ways we do that is by presenting information about His word in article format on this page, sometimes bluntly and sometimes gently, with the idea that the reader will be able to fully understand what is being said about what we have found in scripture. Every article on this site has been thoroughly researched for scriptural accuracy and is not posted until that attribute has been fully realized.

We want to present a scriptural challenge to all Christians to put their doctrines on the table for a moment, study these articles and compare what they say to scripture (the Restored Names Version [RNV] is highly recommended as the study scripture, and you can download it from the menu bar above and use it free), and see if their doctrines meet the same scriptural requirements as do the articles. If those doctrines do not meet that criterion, then we encourage them to study scripture to learn its truth instead of following what some man has said is the truth. We also encourage the reader to communicate with us via email (links below) if they have any questions, disagreements, comments, or if they desire further detail about the subject of the article. Keep in mind that we are always ready to discuss, but we are never ready or willing to argue. If you have a question, comment, or wish to discuss anything found here, or for that matter, any other question that comes to your mind about Yahuwah and His plan for this planet and its inhabitants, always feel free to send us an email about the subject and your concerns and we will be more than glad to discuss it with you from a scriptural standpoint.

What We Believe
To see what we believe, read our Doctrinal Statement. Remember that we are but men and do not have all the answers. All we know is what we have learned under the guidance of the Sacred Spirit of Yahuwah in our study of the Sacred Scripture of Yahuwah and we are more than glad to share everything we have learned with anyone who so desires.

We do not proselytize, try to intimidate, or otherwise try to convince anyone that we are right, because we also believe that if a person does the study and research with an open mind, a willing heart, and an intellectually honest approach to scripture that they will come to the same conclusions that we have reached.

We remember the words of Yahushua when He saw the money-changers and other merchants in the temple and so we do not ask for donations, will not accept them if offered, and we do not sell anything from this site or elsewhere concerning the word of Yahuwah. All we have we offer freely with absolutely no obligation on the part of the recipient. As Yahushua said, "Freely you have received, freely give."

Brother Buck Castleberry
Brohter Craig Timmreck
Brother Rick Peavey
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